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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Moore Fauntleroy

In 1633 Moore Fauntleroy obtained a confirmation of his coat-of-arms from the Office of the English Heralds, who stated that it had been enjoyed by the Fauntleroys "time out of miind". He settled in Richmond County, Virginia. At the time that the second Moore made his last will and testament in 1756, his wife was "big with child." He apparently named his first son, Moore Fauntleroy and another son, John Fauntleroy.  The child born after his death must have been William mentioned in The Social Life of Virginia in the Seventeenth Century by Bruce as having numerous rooms and a large hall in his residence. in Rappahannock County. Also, in 1686 it was said that he had in his cellar ninety gallons of rum, twenty-five gallons of lime juice and twenty dozen bottles of wine reserved for the use of his private table. A family relationship with Landon Carter, Colonel John Taylor, William Brockenbough and Charles Beale seem to exist as they were appointed executors. The last will and testament of all of the Fauntleroys in Richmond County Virginia may be viewed by members of Virginia Pioneers. These are digital images of the will which the clerk copied into the Will Book.

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