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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Old Virginia Customs: Tobacco

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A virgin soil was required for the production of the tobacco plant in order for it to reach its highest perfection.  For this reason, the planter was constantly compelled to acquire more land. This is why hundreds and thousands of acres were owned by so many. It was an agricultural necessity. Nevertheless, the landed proprietor had his feelings about inheritance and the possession of a large landed estate. The English tradition was that a large landed estate was the firmest basis upon which the family and its social position depended. To establish an agricultural state in a new colony, it was necessary to have indentured servants and slaves. So it was that those who could not afford to pay for their own passage but who sought improved circumstances indentured themselves for as many as seven years of service in the colony. In exchange, the planter paid their passage and provided clothing and other necessities. Usually, at the end of service, the servant was given acreage.
An examination of old Virginia wills reveal huge existing inventories and investments necessary to operate plantations and the crops which supported and ultimately built the community and surrounding area.

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