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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Trade with New England

Between the years of 1656 and 1664 a number of powers of attorneys were written by merchants in New England. These merchants were trading with Virginians. Some of the names were John Saffin, Timothy Prout and John Giffard of Boston; William Payne of Ipswich, William Browne of Salem, and John Holland of Dorchester. However, when hostilities broke out between England and Holland in 1672, the ships employed in trade with New England were in danger because they had little ability to resist an attack. In 1673, The Providence belonging to Richard Hollingsworth was captured off Block Island while on a voyage to Virginia, and in the same year, a vessel owned by John Grafton of Salem was also taken.

Source: Records of Northampton and Rappahannock Countys, 1668-1672, pp. 117, Virginia State Library.

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