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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sons of Noblemen (first in aseries of new articles): Thomas Pawlett

Thomas Pawlett, a Burgess, was the brother of John Pawlett, who was afterwards raised to the rank of baron in the peerage. Thomas Pawlett arrived in Virginia about 1618. He was immediately elected to the Virginia Assembly  and sat in the assembly of 1633 as the representative from Westover and Fleur de Hundred. He appears to have been the first owner of the famous Westover estate on the James River, which he devised in his last will and testament to his brother, Lord Pawlett.  Source: William and Mary Quarterly, Vol. IV, pp. 151-152.  Pawlett owned "Westover" plantation in Charles County, Virginia. Apparently, William Byrd came along later and owned this land and built the Westover mansion ca 1720,perhaps over the original site.

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