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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Kenner tried by court for Horse Race

A race occurred in the Northern Neck in 1695 on a track situated at Yeocomico.  A horse formerly owned by Joseph Humphrey Smoker but now belonging to Captain Rodham Kenner, raced that day. Previously Kenner's horse Folly had defeated Smoker in the race on the Coan Race Course. In the race at Yeocomico, Smoker was run against Campbell, a horse belonging to Captain John Hartley. The stake agreed upon was five hundred and seventy-seven pounds of tobacco and the stretch was for a quarter and half-quarter of a mile. Campbell soon showed himself to be superior in speed to Smoker that his rider was not required to ply either whip or spur, and he was about to pass in between the poles first, when Richard Kenner, a brother of Rodham, who had been told to stand back lest his nearness should frighten the horses, rushed forward and with a loud "bellow and shot", and a violent waving of his hat, caused Campbell to suddenly shy from the track, and thus technically lose the race.  Richard Kenner was arrested for his offense and tried by a jury, but seems to have been acquitted.

Source: Westmoreland County Records, Orders, Aug. 29, 1694.

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