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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Old Virginia Customs: John Foissin

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Adventurers to Virginia were anything but lazy. They were ambitious, honest and enterprising and  spent their lives establishing working economies. Yes, the first emigrants by necessity were willing to work hard to improve the conditions around them and to make a better life for themselves than they had elsewhere. An example of an ordinary citizen of 1688 is John Foissin, born in Paris, who resided in Henrico County where he owned a store. In those days it was necessary to establish a factor in the ports and cities where you did your importing and exporting. This means that Foissin would have had to ship tobacco and other home grown crops to Paris to pay for purchasing merchandise to sell. The store carried an assortment of rare French goods, such as muslin neck-cloths, silk-fringed gloves, embroidered waistcoats, lace and velvet caps, lace shirts and sleeve ruffles (pictured). 

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