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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Oppressive Government Inflicts Duties

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The oppressive regime of Lord Howard continued despite the complaints. During the first session of assembly in his time, a duty upon liquors imported from other English plantations was first imposed. It was presented as a levy by the poll for the payment of public taxes and to rebuild the State House in Jamestown, which had been burned during Bacon's rebellion in 1676. This duty was first laid on wine and rum only at the rate of three pence per gallon, with an exemption of all such as should be imported in the ships of Virginia Owners. But it was not long after when the duty also included all other liquors. Four pence per gallon was placed on wine and rum, and one penny per gallon on beer, cider and lime-juice and the privilege of Virginia owners was taken away.  Again, shipping and home-trade was discouraged.

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