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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Oppressive Government Regulates

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Promise them a figleaf (goodwill) and they take away your prospects of success. Such was the acts of Parliament against the colony. So now we have the players in this oppressive game. Charles II (pictured) who was happy for the support of the Virginia colonists but ignored their needs, Sir William Berkeley, a royalist in every degree, who carried out the orders that the Church of England was the established religion, parishes regulated, and in general, the business of colonization. For the support of the government, a duty was imposed of two shillings perhogshead on all tobaccos, one shilling per ton port duty on shipping, and the collectors were obliged to account for the same to the general assembly. The king had commanded that all ships trading to Virginia should go to Jamestown, and there enter before they broke bulk. In other words, before unloading, settle the duties to be paid. However, the assembly rescinded that command, except for the James River ships, because of its impracticality. Other players were the Indians who frequently raided the colonists, culminating with the 1622 massacre where they sought to murder all Englishmen.

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