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Monday, July 1, 2013

The ColonistsBuild their Economy.

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During the 17th century there were only a few homes who id no have spinning wheels for the manufacture of cloth. The rural country homes of England had a spinning wheel or a weaver's frame. Homespun was the necessary ingredient for the colonists because the average planter paid a hefty price for exported materials and goods. The economy created by early colonists cannot be discounted. The cost of passage, exporting goods, illnesses, Indian massacres and raids and hard labor were but some of the risks which the planter took. You see, the dream was not only to be free from tyranny but an unwavering desire for independence and wealth. Given the risks and expense necessary to come to this country, the colonists expressed a powerful desire to create his own dream.   Source: History of Agriculture and Prices in England, Vol. V, pp. 551, 587, by Price.

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