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Thursday, December 12, 2013


Join this blog for more interesting information about the first patriots to Virginia whose sacrifices and actions led a path to the freedom which ultimately resulted in the American Dream.

You have no doubt been on the beach before, especially where trees are buried in the sand, and observed wood which looks charred.  I have seen it as buried tree limbs, however, it can come from underwater deposits or sea cliffs.  The early Virginia colonists exported this coal. In 1690 there were eight barrels of coal lying at Handy's Landing on Queen's Creek in York County. Source: Records of York County, vol. 1687-1691, p, 463.  There is a great deal of history in the old wills of Virginia counties.  The documents are full of history, as well as family relationships in England and elsewhere.  You have to read the wills to trace ancestors!

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