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Saturday, November 22, 2014

John Doe and Rodney Dangerfield

St. Christopher's Island in Carribbean
There are a lot of interesting surnames around town!  For instance, Dangerfield and Doe.  Did Hollywood make these up?  In Alexandria City Virginia we find both of these names in the estate records on Virginia Pioneers    So, let us go a little further back in time.

On 6 December in 1658, Thomas Dangerfield was bound to Thomas Salter to serve in Barbados. This means that he had indentured himself to Mr. Salter for having paid his passage.encompassing a specific time period.  This was not uncommon and the means for many families arriving in the colonies.  When the term of the indenture ended it usually meant that the servant was entitled to a small tract of land.  If you are a genealogist tracing the Dangerfield lineage, then you must first read the old records to discover everything that you can on Thomas Salter.  Then, about 1675, when Dangerfield was probably free, start digging the records in Barbados, then go from there.

Yes, there was a John Doe.  On 21 May 1635 John Doe, aged 22, was transported from London to St. Christopher's in the ship Mathew by Mr. Richard Goodladd, by warrant from the Earl of Carlisle. There are also some estate records on Doe surnames in Alexandria City, Virginia.  Discovering more about the family and history is available.  Begin with reading the old Wills and Testaments of your ancestors.

Source: The Complete Book of Emigrants 1607-1660 by Coldham.

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