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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Story of Old Rappahannock County #virginiapioneers #genealogy

Rappahannock County was founded in 1656 from part of Lancaster County. Many of the first colonists resided in this vicinity; however, the old county became extinct in 1692 when it was separated from Essex and Richmond Counties.  Later, 1833, this name was used again.
Genealogists may get confused, since the newer county records did not begin until 1833.  However, the indexes to deeds, wills, estates and settlements in the Old County dating from 1664 to1682 do exist and are posted on Virginia Pioneers  Also, some miscellaneous wills dug out of the old records are here.  While researching Essex County, one should also research Old Rappahannock, as the same families resided in the general vicinity.

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  1. Has anyone every mapped out the Beverley Manor land?