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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Old Virginia Customs: Freedom and Politics

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Although he was an Englishman, the colonial Virginian was diligent in the fight for personal freedom and demanded all of the rights ascribed under English Law. In fact, the basics of English Law helped to prescribe American principles  of justice and decency.  The emigrant invested his fortune in his passage to America and went to great extremes to improve his circumstances and create an economy which would pass to his children.  The adventure itself called for a spirit of enthusiastic pride. Therefore, it would follow that brave men such as the insurgents of Bacon's Rebellion of 1676 would rise up and fight against the colonial Governor Berkeley who refused to defend their rights against local Indians who stole and destroyed the homes and properties they had worked so hard to produce.  This is the spirit so prevalent in the early colonists in so many of their early experiences. In the last will and testament of George Jordan dated 1677,  during the Rebellion, he wrote "God almighty to bless this poore Colonie, and this county especially, wherein I have lived forty-three years."   Source: Surry Records, Vol. 1671-84. p. 296.

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