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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Old Virginia Customs: The House of Burgesses

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The Virginia House of Burgesses was run by respectable gentlemen who served their communities. In those days, a gentleman was a responsible person having impeccable integrity and character. He served others in the spirit of fairness and without petty grudges. His word was his bond. He could take it to the bank. The burgesses decided on all county business, from the sale of tobacco and live stock to gambling. The monthly meetings was the opportunity to exchange news. Strict measures were enacted against intoxication, quarreling and fighting. All persons entering the court room while the judges were sitting were required to be properly dressed and presented themselves in an orderly and respectful manner. The process emulated that of the English courts.  When the petition of George Mayplis was presented to the county of Lancaster for the right to sell cider at the court-house on court day, it was granted "upon the condition that its exercise should be in no way injurious or prejudicial in ye disturbing of ye court in ye time of its sitting."  Source: Lancaster County Records, Orders, July 12, 1682.

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