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Friday, June 28, 2013

Old Virginia Customs: The Gun

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The laws of the colony were such that it was required that the head of every family should keep in his house, ready to hand, a well-fixed gun, two pounds of powder and eight pounds of shot for every person under him who was able to carry arms. The object was immediate defense against sudden Indian attack.  The gun was mostly used to bring down birds, as there was an abundance of many varieties in the colony.  All observers agreed that the number of these birds appearing was far beyond the power of human calculation; that for hours they darkened the sky like a pall of thunder clouds; and that they broke down by their weight the limbs of the forest whenever a flock lighted in search of food. Robert Beverley (in his book) related that sometime as many as seventeen wild turkeys were captured at one time in a large trap built in the midst of a forest. Source: History of Virginia by Beverley.

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