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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Where to Read Microfilm of Virginia County Records

Where to Read Microfilm of Virginia County Records

If you are unable to receive inter-library loans to your local library from the Virginia State Archives, this is due to staff issues.  They do not have anyone to pull the microfilm. May I suggest the Washington Memorial Library in Macon?  They have an impressive collection of Virginia microfilm, including some of the oldest county records.  This library is the best for genealogists in the State of Georgia and has an amazing collection for most Southern States.   An online source of the oldest Virginia records is Virginia Pioneers

Needless to say that irregardless of the genealogy available on the Internet, we need to support our local libraries.  The genealogy collection of every library is different as it includes data shared by working genealogists and genealogical societies.  Also, the inter-library loan system helps to supplement the genealogy records of any given library. I cannot tell you how often I have visited the Switzer Library in Cobb County and discovered microfilm on loan which I needed to view!  The key is to ask the librarian in the Georgian Room.

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