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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Beverages Consumed by Virginians #vagenealogy #virginiapioneersnet

Beverages Consumed by Virginians

Genealogy Tips by Jeannette Holland Austin

Genealogy Books by Jeannette Holland AustinAlthough Virginians had various drinks, the best were imports. Englishmen were stern beer-drinkers and the barley which Virginians used to brew beer soon ceased to be cultivated, and attempts were made to supply its place with maize or pumpkins or persimmons did not find preference with the settlers. However, cider was in abundance. Apple-jack and peach brandy were distilled. Other beverages were imported, most commonly sack (the name) was applied to such dry (Spanish seco) and strong wines as sherry and Madeira. In the cellars of wealthy planters were often found choice brands of red wine from Bordeaux and white wine from the Rhineland. Cognacs were also imported, and of rum we have already spoken. Evidently our friends, the planters, had sturdy tipplers among them!

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