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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Fox-Hunting and Gambling #vagenealogy #virginiapioneersnet

Fox Hunting and Gambling

Since the Virginians were excellent horsemen, it was but natural that they should enjoy hunting. No sport was more dear than chasing the fox. Washington was known to ride the hounds until his sixty-third year, when a slight injury to his back made such exercise uncomfortable. Washington was a true Virginian in his love for his dogs, to whom he gave such pretty names as Mopsey, Truelove, Jupiter, Juno, Rover, Music, Sweetlips, Countess, Lady, and Singer. Other sports enjoyed by Virginians were cock-fighting, and gambling with cards. The passion for gambling was so intense among Virginians that laws were enacted against recovering gambling debts were and innkeepers who permitted any game of cards or dice, except backgammon, were subject to a heavy fine as well as forfeiting their licenses.

Index to Virginia Wills and Estates. See Names

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